Save Money

Is it Worth Cutting Back Electricity Use to Save Money?

Our bills always seem to be going up and you might be thinking that you should find some ways of reducing them. One of the best ways to cut down on the cost of your electricity is to swap your provider to a cheaper company. This is actually really easy as you just have to find out your usage form your bill and use a comparison website to find the cheapest energy company for your usage. You may be tied in to a fixed price contract but it is worth looking around as this comes up to an end to see if you can switch to a cheaper provider. This could cut your bills significantly.

Another way that people try to cut costs is by using less electricity. Obviously you pay for all of the electricity that you use and so if you can reduce the amount that you using, then you will be able to pay less for it. There are lots of things that you can try, but some people wonder whether it is worthwhile.

It can be worth seeing whether you can get a meter which measures how much electricity you are using. Some utility companies provide their customers with these free of charge. These are really useful because you will be able to see what it is that you use that costs the most in electricity. This may encourage you to use things less if they cost a lot of money. You may even decide to change some of your appliances to more efficient ones once you replace them or even invest in energy saving light bulbs and things like that. It may encourage you to change your behaviour as well. Perhaps it will encourage you to remember to turn off lights and appliances when not in a room, turn down the heating and wearing an extra layer instead and use the grill or microwave rather than the oven. Many of us will leave items on to charge, such as portable phones, laptops, mobile phones and portable batteries all the time so that they are ready for when we need them. It is better to not do this as they will keep topping up every time the battery goes down a bit. Just top it up when they are low and you could save money.

Some people like the idea of cutting down on electricity because it is better for the environment as well. This can be a bonus to saving money or perhaps saving money is a bonus for those who put being green above anything else. Thinking about this could help to motivate you more.

It can also be good to look online for tips on saving electricity. Many utility companies share tips, but you may also find money saving message boards which have them as well. You do not have to do everything but there may be some things on there which will help you to save money without making huge changes to your usual routine. It could be very easy to just switch off lights before going to bed or leaving the house, unplugging things at night or using electrical items more efficiently.

Some may feel that cutting back on electricity is too difficult, inconvenient or uncomfortable. There may be some things which are easier to do than others or you may feel that you already do everything that you can to spend as little as you can. If this is the case but you still want to save money, then there are other options. As well as switching to a cheaper supplier, fixing the cost could be a cheaper option. Often electricity companies will encourage you to stay with them by giving you a fixed price deal which looks more attractive than their standard rate. This will usually save money but it all depends on how much the costs change over the fixed term. It is usually cheaper though and with some you can even leave before the end of the term if you want to. It is good to find out more about them to see whether it could be an easy way for you to save some money on your electricity bills.

Make Money

Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Many of us would like some extra money and without borrowing, it can sometimes be hard to know how to get some. There are ways though, that we should all be able to make a bit extra.

A quick way of making extra money is to sell things that you have that you no longer need or want. We all have these sorts of things, clothes that do not fit, kitchen gadgets that we thought would be a good idea but we do not use, accessories that we never wear etc. If you have a bit of a sort out, you could probably come up with a selection of things. These could be sold online on an auction site or through a social media page or you could rent a table at a table top sale or go to a car boot sale and sell there. Doing this could generate quite a good sum of money, depending on what you have to sell. However, it can be much more useful to find something that could potentially generate regular income rather than selling things as once you have sold them, you cannot make money from them again.

There are many other ways that you can make extra money though. You could do some extra work, for example. If there are no extra hours available in your current job, then you could look to do a second job, perhaps evenings or weekend work. You could also look to see if you could do some freelance work. Although this is not regular work, you could find that if you find the right customer, it could be quite constant work for you and you could earn a fair bit from it. If you feel that this will be too much for you or you cannot work outside of the home due to family commitments then you will need to try something else.

Fortunately there are online sites where you can find work. This includes freelance work as well as all sorts of other things. You will be able to submit your CV to the site and then search through the advertised work opportunities to find one that suits you. You will usually need to apply and give information about why you can do the job and how much you will charge and then wait and see whether you get the work. It may seem difficult, but once you pick up a few clients they may want you to do more work for them or pass your name to others they know that want similar work so that you can start picking up jobs more easily. Work on these sites tends to be writing, programming, graphics, art and design and virtual assistant work. There are other jobs as well though and it is worth looking to see whether there is anything that would suit you.

If you would rather just do something casual and fun and do not mind not being paid much then there are other things you can try. You could try answering surveys, doing free lotteries, trying competitions, looking for free samples, getting cashback, finding vouchers and being paid to watch videos. There are many online opportunities to make a small amount of money which are free to sign up to and non-competitive. Although some do not guarantee any return for your time, they can be a great thing to do in your spare time perhaps while you are watching television and you could end up making a bit of extra money.

It can be worth thinking of ways that you could make extra money in your regular job which could be more effective though. You could look for a job which pays more money, ask for a rise in your current job or see if you can work more hours. If you are not sure if you could succeed at this, then it is worth a try. You will not know until you ask and you could end up with a more fun job which pays you more than your current one, if you are lucky. All of these things could raise a lot more money than the small extra jobs that you can do, but if you do both then you could end up feeling a significant difference.


What is the Best Way to Pay for a Holiday?

Many of us like to get away for a holiday so that we can relax and forget about our day to day problems. It can be a great way to wind down from work and home life, bond with the family as well as an opportunity to explore new places and have new experiences. However, holidays can come at a high price. You will have to pay to travel to wherever you are going and then for the accommodation and food. Then it is likely that you will treat yourself more than normal, you might want more for entertainment, you may eat out more and drink more and you may even buy new clothes and/or luggage for the trip. All in all it can be very costly.

Many people do not think too hard about paying or their holiday, they book it and then just pay it with a credit card or use an overdraft to cover the cost. Some may even take out a personal loan to pay for it or borrow the money from friends or family. However, which of these, if any is the best way to pay for the holiday?

It is worth thinking about the costs of borrowing money without a credit check when planning how to pay for your holiday. If you borrow money to pay for it, then you will be paying extra for the holiday as you will be paying interest on the loan on top. You may not mind and you may think that the holiday is worth paying that extra money for. However, you should try to make sure that you get the best deal if you are paying this way. Compare the costs of borrowing across the different types of loans as well as between the different lenders to make sure that you are not paying more than necessary. You could save a significant amount of money by doing this and it is well worth the effort. Even if you borrow from friends and family and do not pay interest, you still have to find the money to pay them back from somewhere.

It is wise to think about the different ways that the loans are repaid. A monthly repayment schedule is what you will get with a personal loan, but with a credit card you can just pay a very small amount each month and not pay the remaining balance for as long as you wish. With an overdraft it will just be paid when you credit the account with some money. It worth thinking about which repayment method might be best for you. If you have monthly repayments, then you will need to make sure that you will have enough money free each month to be able to cover those repayments even if interest rates go up and they rise. If you have an overdraft then you will need to make sure that when the money is paid off you will be able to manage on what is left or else you may end up going overdrawn again and this could become a monthly trend, which can be extremely expensive. If you have a credit card, then it can be tempting to keep paying off the very minimum but this can work out very expensive as the loan continues for a long time and that means that lots of monthly interest payments have to be covered and they can add up to a lot.

If you want to save money and keep the costs down, then it could be wise to not borrow money to pay for the holiday at all. Saving up for it or using savings that you have to pay will mean that you will not need to worry about interest payments and other loan costs. It is worth remembering that the goal of a holiday is often to forget reduce stress but if you have the stress of a loan to return to, then this could mean that you soon stop relaxing and start worrying. However, some people do not worry about loans and do not find it stressful. So you need to think about what would be the best solution for you, not just considering how you stand financially but also with regards to any stress that may be caused by getting a loan.