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English National Ballet's Giselle at Palace Theatre, 23rd to 27th September

In Dance

Archived: This event was in 2009.


Lose yourself in the romance and mystery of English National Ballet's Giselle.

Giselle is in love with Duke Albrecht but she dies of a broken heart when she finds out he has deceived her. By her grave dance the vengeful spirits of abandoned brides who are determined to have revenge on all men. Attired in their bridal gowns, they lure any passers by to their part of the forest where they make their unfortunate victims dance to their deaths. But when Duke Albrecht enters the forest to repent for his part in Giselle's death, Giselle's love is so strong that she rises from the grave to save him.

English National Ballet's traditional staging of one of the most famous Romantic ballets has been called “the best Giselle you are ever likely to see” by The Independent. With music by the English National Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Mary Skeaping revisiting the choreography by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, the touring production is one of the stand-out ballet events of this year.

Ballet enthusiasts also have the chance to get closer to the ballet through two special events in Manchester. Discovering Giselle, on 24th September, gives participants the opportunity to find out about every aspect of the ballet and company. In Journey With Giselle on 26th September, ballet dancers between the ages of 12 and 16 can take part in an onstage creative workshop led by members of the company. For more information on both of these events, visit the English National Ballet website at


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